Quantum computing technologies can be advanced by creating networks of quantum processing units (QPUs) that will collectively have the power to solve challenging computational problems in a wide range of application domains including finance, aerodynamics, transportation and machine learning – where quantum algorithms are only beginning to be explored. This project considers such interconnection from the perspectives of both quantum computing (QC) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts. Our work comprises four related work packages (WPs), each corresponding to a different layer, combining QC and ICT knowledge within and across layers.

Research Programme

This multi-disciplinary team of QC and ICT researchers aims to investigate distributed quantum computing (DQC) in four interrelated WPs as follows. WP1 focuses on interconnection architecture of QPUs, which leads to optical realisation of interconnected QPUs in WP2. WP3 investigates algorithms for partition and allocation of computational tasks to QPUs and conventional computing nodes in the DQC architecture. In WP4, two specific computational applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Quantitative Finance will be used to facilitate study in WP3 and validate the merits of the proposed DQC architecture. During the first year of this project, the team will focus on revising and enhancing this working plan for years two to four.